All photography on the site is taken by us. We have been at the same studio for 15 years. We started with fashion photography and over time have diversified in to all forms of photography.

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Please be on time as i usually have appointments back to back and if late you will lose some of the time of your slot. If early please wait outside the door and knock when your time is due. For this reason please read address and follow directions.

In the week there is no parking at the studio or in the road, the road is permits only. At weekends you can park in the street. For parking during the week please go to Exeter Road or Christchurch Avenue next to kilburn tube station they have meters. Please allow extra time to park and come to the studio.

make sure you check that the background/clothes changes is the correct package to meet expectations. We do not rush to fit more in time slots as this reduces quality of pictures. If you wish to have more shots we can add extra time or if this is not possible you can book another shoot in the future.

To be fast and efficient the client lays out the item as i shoot and retouch. This way you get exactly what you want and it is quicker and therefore cheaper. Of course we can help you do this and will advise and help from our experience to get the best shots.  Please bring pictures of the kind of photos you require to help get the best results. It is the person 


At the studio you will see all images on computer, any issues should be raised at the time, as the reason you can see the images is to make sure you are happy with them. The person at the studio will be classed as the client and its their responsibility to view the images for them or their company. If at a later date changes need to be made as their company wanted something different, if possible this can be done, but their will be additional time charges.

All photos on the website are taken by us. Some photos on the website are higher standards than others, these usually have more time taken on them with the photography and retouch to achieve the results and if you want the highest standard you usually have to pay more. If you are working on a budget you can’t expect to also get high end results.

All prices are quoted for STANDARD products.

Standard products we shoot and retouch in an efficient manner and realise the images are mainly for web use. Exact colour correction can be done at studio but is not usually necessary and retouching is usually limited to making the background pure white, cropping. Any adjustments to the product, fixing defects, can be done but please realise it takes extra time.

at the studio we have a lot of bookings and we charge for studio time. So please come prepared, any set up time you need  is also included as studio time so if you come early we can start, but the time start when we come into the studio.

I do not always take deposits, but if you do not show up on the day you will need to pay £30 no show fee as i would be at studio for this and would have cancelled other paid jobs for this. Please be considerate of others and remember you can give 48 hours notice to cancel and allow me to do other work.

Please only book once you know you will have the goods. Allow your items a few days extra to get delivered.  I can usually book at short notice, if you book and your items do not arrive and have to reschedule please be aware that i have cancelled paid jobs and its not good for me to change dates because your goods did not arrive on time.

The products you have must be of good quality. All faults can be fixed but be aware if the item has a fault and needs to be fixed it will take extra time to do so. If it has dust and scratches, or if items are out of place it will take extra time to remove or clean them. 

I have new or used backgrounds. You can have used background for free or new ones cost £10 each. If used background are used please be aware that marks on floor might show in pictures and will take extra time to retouch out

At the studio i will shoot to the computer where you can see images. Anything you are unsure about please let me know as fixing after might take extra time. It is your responsibility to make sure you are happy with the pictures at the studio. Also if you want retouching please let me know as if i have to do either at the studio or after its fine but it will be charged for time.

Digital photography can not pick up exact colours as they appear in real life. Even the top brands colours do not match exactly to the items. Also be aware monitors also show colours differently. Usually they are close enough but if you want to match correctly you have to do at studio and it takes extra time to do.

Retouching is based on time, Retouching is always per item, not per set. If you shoot 5 items in a set each one still has to be retouched, so its 5 items.

Group pictures take longer to retouch as more than 1 item, they also take longer to set out and arrange so please be aware of this and come with an idea in mind.

I can supply Agency models. They cost £90 for 2 hours. Then £35 per hour after that. Hair & Make Up cost £75 half day, £150 full day



To get better pictures think about the Photos you want, please bring any props, and look at pictures, magazines of what you want and think about the clothes and accessories needed to achieve this, if you spend a little time on this the pictures will be better. Bring these pictures along with you on the day, or have them on your phone, do not email them to me.

Bring magazines, tear sheets, photos of what you require. If you do this you will get better pictures as it will help with lighting and poses.

If you send the items then after the shoot you will be responsible to contact me to collect the items within 1 month as i do not store goods at the studio. I will email you on job completion and you must collect or arrange for them to be collected. After 1 month i will email you again and may charge from this time to store goods. After 3 months i will email you again and may charge from this time to store goods. After 6 months i will dispose or sell the items to either cover storage costs or give to charity.

Please note that we can style the items together but if you want very high quality you should bring a stylist with you. As photography we take care of the photography, lighting , and retouching. Styling is a separate job and we can bring in stylists if required.