Mobile: 07887681041
Studio: 02073283301


  1. Please read address and directions below to come at the arranged time.
  2. there is free parking at the studio in alleyway.
  3.  All charges are £75 first hour and £60 per hour after for all photography, editing, and time in the studio.
  4. If you want me to edit any photos or video not in the session time it will be charged based on time £75 first hour and £60 per hour after.
  5. If shooting fashion there is a £10 charge for the background.
  6. Due to the rising cost of the studio rent the session will start at the arranged time so please be on time to make the most of the studio if you are late you will still be charged from the arranged start time, even if you ring/text to say you will be late i still have to charge from arranged start time as i am paying for the studio from this time….if unsure come early and wait in a coffee shop or in car.
  7. If you fail to turn up you will still be charged £50 per hour for the studio cost which i have to pay.
  8. I am usually busy before and after your shoot with other clients so please book enough time for your needs and allow for set up and pack up time within the session time so the next client can enter when we finish. 
  9. I would rather you book more time and not use it, as this way we do not have to rush and you will only be charged from start time to when you leave. Otherwise we might have to finish early if we run out of time and next client is waiting.
  10. Steaming should be done before you come as it’s time consuming unless you have already accounted and allowed time for this  ….it’s usually best to do most of the steaming before and steam at the studio any bits you missed.
  11. If you arrive early please wait downstairs and I will come and open the blue door at the arranged time – if the blue door is open please come up and wait in the corridor.


LARGE STUDIO 1 = Imago2 Photography
16 The Arches (big blue gates/door with sign IMAGO2)
Loveridge Road
Kilburn, NW6 2DS

Loveridge road is opposite the SHELL petrol station on Kilburn high road. When you are in Loveridge Road  you will see a bridge, Go directly under the bridge, Please note DIRECTLY below means if you would look up you see the bridge directly above ;-). To see the entrance which are some big gates that have a red sign that say “southern cross motorcycle”
Go through this gate and immediately on the right you will see a big blue door and sign 16 the arches and imago2. – go through this blue door  Go up the step through the door at the top, turn right and the studio is the brown door on the left.  

Work in the studio is always paid on the day
We take cash, bank transfer before or on the day, and also debit and credit cards (cards have 3% transaction charge added on all amounts).

there is parking at the studio, you can park in the alleyway near big blue doors.

I now have a second studio =

SMALL STUDIO 2 = Imago2 Photography
65 Camberwell Church Street